Our Service

Martin McLaren, owner and entrepreneur, is an experienced Electrical Engineer, passionate about the renewable energy sector and alternative transport options.

With over 35 years experience in the industry, a holder of a Masters degree from the UK, a Professional Certificated Electrical and Mechanical Engineer, and a Master Installation Electrician, Martin is able to provide not only a consultancy service but also equipment supply, manufacture and installation.

Future Mobility was established in 2020, focusing initially on electrical services, eBikes and components and energy storage solutions, with the aim to continue to provide innovative solutions to these areas of interest. These include:

• Suppliers of Headway Batteries and Battery Packs for Renewable Solar Energy and Telecom solutions.

• Suppliers and distributors of Golden Motor e-Mobility products and components.

• Suppliers of e-Throne Wheelchair

• Supliers of back-up power units for both the domestic and commercial sectors.

• Professional Electrical Engineering  Consultancy and Master Installation Electrician services to the commercial, domestic and hazardous area industries.